There are sure signs that doubtlessly indicates to a woman if the Man she is dating is the ideal person for her or not. There are general qualities that make a man husband material; attractive as a spouse and more effective as a partner.

Today, I need to show you, the top best six qualities you ought to search for in a man before perpetually choosing to marry him. Ensure he has these qualities before you chose to settled down with him, except you don’t mind a separation in the nearest future.

1. He shares important core values with you

Values are those 'tenets of life' that serves as a guide to the way you live your life. They're deeply rooted in individual convictions and the personal belief system that ultimately defines who you are. They're also very difficult to change.

Connecting with a man you wish to marry on a spiritual, emotional and value level is a good sign for long-term marital success. When you and your partner know that you are on the “same page,” you’ll feel more certain he’s truly the man you want to marry.

When you both think ahead into the marriage and know you can regard each other's point of view on essential marital issues (such as family dynamics, child upbringing, finance, in-laws, roles, responsibilities and obligations), you know you’re making the right choice.

2. He’s emotionally mature

A dependable, emotionally intelligent man who can control his impulses shows true maturity. All things considered, he likely has the ability to manage the change, dissatisfaction, stress and conflict that life (and marriage) constantly bring.

A well-grounded man with a sense of balance can confront life and whatever life throws his way in a very constructive way, while remaining a strong, steady and supportive partner. What you need is a man who can react to a challenging issue responsibly, rather than react to it impulsively.

3. He appreciates you and accepts your shortcomings

Appreciation goes a long way when creating a happy relationship. Truth be told, feeling appreciated is an essential quality of a happy life. On the off chance that you don't feel appreciated or cherished by your man, you're paddling into dangerous waters. But when he openly demonstrates his respect and appreciation for you (with his words and actions), you know you’ll live a happy life with your man.
So, while he welcomes your qualities (great cook, caring, social, engaged, steady, supportive and so on.), he ought to likewise acknowledge your weakness (little messy, not so organized, talking a bit too much, not being on time and so on.). He must deeply recognize and accept that no one is perfect (including him). His overall view of you should be positive.

4. He manages conflict well

Arguments, disagreements and conflicts are unavoidable parts of any relationship, they are also necessary ingredients to forming a strong, lasting intimacy.

Many couples communicate in a destructive way that leads to frustration, anger, and detachment. Many other couples avoid having meaningful discussions at all to avoid fighting. But, healthy communication is the basis of any successful relationship.

One of the most essential components that helps couples thrive is their ability to manage different conflicts and deal with difficult emotions (such as disappointment, frustration and anger), de-escalate arguments, and disagree with respect.

A man who shares his thoughts and feelings with you without reservation; a man who talks things out with you; a man who discuss difficult subjects with you and can disagree yet still come to some kind a resolution is a man who has healthy communication skills and will make a great husband.

5. He is Trustworthy

Trust is another key foundation of an intimate relationship. However, it’s vital to understand that being dependable is a proactive role that requires a conscious effort, affirmed continuously by decision, choices, actions and activities.

When your man does what he says; when your partner does not lie; when your spouse acts assertively and, most importantly, he’s consistent with these positive qualities, then you know that your man is reliable and he will he will end up being a spouse you can trust.

6. He makes your relationship a priority

A frequent complaint I hear from women is: "I don't think he cares enough” Or, "He spends more time at work or with friends than he does with me."

Often, couples end up managing the day by day routine and necessities of life just to discover they're living parallel lives isolated by a wide break. They feel completely detached from each other.

To avoid this, couples must create positive shared experiences with a specific end goal so that they can bond with one another and create lots of memories together. This gives them a lot to look forward to.

Any man you will someday marry should know that relationships requires commitment and constant effort/investment. It's important for a man not to disregard his lady. He should indicate interest in her life, arrange date nights, and create common interests and shared activities. When your man acts in this way, you know you have the right partner; husband material.

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