Health is Wealth as they say but it almost feels like people are asked to choose between their jobs and their health these days and it doesn’t have to be so

Eight (8) hours in a chair in front of a computer five (5) or Seven (7) days in a week can take a toll on your body.

Here are some ways you can improve your health while at work:

1)Eat Right:Grabbing a snack during work hours especially when there is little or no time for a break is hazardous. It’s like adding “Salt to Injury”. Snacks contain lots of cholesterol which is bad for your heart and working for 8 hours or more makes it almost impossible to burn out these cholesterol by exercising.
TIP: Here is what you should do; Instead of indulging in snacks, try indulging in a bowl of fruit or vegetable salad or better still pack a healthy lunch from home before dashing off to work.

2)Drink water:  Consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday will keep you hydrated throughout the day. The 3'0 clock lull that many people feel at work can be due to dehydration.
TIP: Bring a 16ounce bottle of water to work and try to finish it by lunch, then fill it up again and finish that by 3pm,then by 5pm finish a 3rd bottle.

3) Exercise during work hours: Sounds weird right?
TIP: Walking around during lunch break is a great idea, not only are you burning calories but you are de stressing and refreshing. Make it a habit to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

4)Avoid Tension Neck Syndrome (TNS): TNS occurs when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed awkward position for a long period of time according to National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. TNS causes neck and shoulder pain, muscle tightness and tenderness. This usually happens to people in the telecommunication industry who talk on a phone for a very long time and secretaries who type for a long time.
TIP: If you talk on the phone for a long time, I advised you use a speaker phone, a shoulder cradle or a headset.

5)Eye Strain:Eye strain is another problem encountered in front of a computer, it can cause headaches, difficulty in focusing and increased sensitivity to light.
TIP: To prevent eye strain, the distance to the screen from your eyes should be about an arm’s length away. If you cannot read your screen without squinting, simply increase the font size of your computer.

6)Vacation:Vacations help reduce stress and get your mind off work especially if you are having conflict at work with your boss, co-worker or a project. Stress can impair your immune system increasing the risk of illness.
TIP: Vacations are ways of minimizing stress especially going to a loved one or a place you have never been before.

7)Give yourself a break: Occasionally, people focus on the task at hand and getting a project done and they are not aware of the impact it’s having on their health until it begins to affect their relationship and moods. "Burnout" is another type of stress that can impair a person’s immune system as well as interfere with sleep and his/her ability to concentrate.
TIP: Set a realistic deadline and leave the task for a while to recuperate.

8)Cleanliness:Your keyboards, mouse and phone can harbor thousands of germs. Viruses can survive for hours to days on a hard surface. If a virus such as "rota-virus" were on the surface of a telephone receiver, infectious doses could easily be transferred to persons using the telephone.

TIP: Maintain a clean office space use disinfectant as often as possible.

9)Self-Awareness: The most important way to stay healthy at work starts with self-awareness says Jonathan Kramer a clinical psychologist. Know yourself and know your limits and do the best you can to stay within those limits. Know when to take breaks and vacation, get plenty of exercise which helps you both physically and mentally both at home and at work.
I hope this article helps you stay healthy at work, as we all know "a healthy workforce is a productive one"
For those who work at home, this list can also guide you.
 I wish you all a very Productive Week....
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