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This is a follow up to the other write up "The unbridled Ego of men". While that addressed the men, this one looks like it addressed the women (No place for Hermaphrodites or Transsexual people - My liver never reach that level ). Enjoy again *Smiles*

P.N Okeke.

You know him, right?

Pius Nwankwo Okeke
Professor of Physics at the University of Nigeria and one of Africa's foremost Physicists, author of that textbook of details, hardship, pain and beauty: Senior Secondary Physics.😄

He didn't write that book alone, you know.
A good number of the calculations were done by his wife, Professor Francisca Okeke, an award-winning, globally recognised Physicist.

When asked why she didn't want her name included as a co-author, she said:
"Do I really need to? The important thing is that I did the work."
Francisca Okeke

You have seen that funny picture, haven't you?
Where that guy sat to study on a wooden desk placed right in the middle of a dusty path, with the hilarious meme: "When you are the only graduate in your village";
I am afraid some achieving women have become like that.

One of the basic needs of mankind is dignity. We crave it like oxygen, everyone of us.
And when we are denied it, it cuts our souls like a knife.
And a core source of dignity is approval, relational approval if you please.
Pius and Francisca

That is why the most gruesome of punishments known to humans is solitary confinement.
Because that is where you go to and no one gives you a nod, tells you anything.
You feel as good as worthless.

Have you ever met a boisterous, sharp tongued, notice-me woman before?
I may be wrong, but most of the time, casting a glance on her past or taking a deep look into her soul, reveals a hollow, from where approval has been forcefully removed.

For millennia, it has been the culture that women be placed somewhere remote.
A place where their potentials were locked with the key of you-cannot-do-it, and discarded into the ocean of don't-ask-for-more.

But the world changed and suddenly the woman in solitary confinement had a bright light shone on her. But the damage done to the mind had left a deep scar.
The scar of inferiority.

Some women are still in that place where they ask: Where do I go from here?
But I want to talk about the women who have learnt to mask that definition of inferiority they have been unable to shake off, with a bogus press release.

They are the women who turn every argument into a man versus woman debate.
They are quick to tell you "I am not your miserable wife. You can't lord it over me;" even when you have absolutely no intentions to do anything like that.
Every achievement they make has to make headlines, and not just for the sake of it, which would have been okay; but for the sole reason that men have to be rubbished.

You cannot have a disagreement with them without verbal violence taking the wheels and often with the painstaking effort to put a man down.

All these have their roots in low self-esteem.
And this self-loathing is the result women often get when they look away from the mine of their souls and look instead to society for approval.

You hear women fight people who refer to the human race as mankind, or people who use the word man as a generic term.
All for what?
Does that action delete a quarter of the cells in your brain?
I can't wrap my head around it.

When you see a self-satisfied woman, who has risen above societal definitions of her, she melts you, moves you, makes you want to bare your life to her; moves between the boardroom and the kitchen with the ease of a morning bird, feeling no distress from the change.
That's the woman who conquers the world: No rancour, No competition, No notice-me-or-I-die.

Unfortunately, women who have risen to get to this place of ease and glory are so few and far-between.

So, when next you meet that verbally abusive woman in an online debate, and she engages her gear of expletives which must include your penis, most of the time; understand the paranoia, the self-deprecation, the inferiority complex.

And promise your daughters that they would be raised right, to know the beauty of womanhood, the enormous capacity of their brains and the power of feminine strength under control.
So they don't grow to be wounded lionesses who would literally tear their hair from the roots at the mention of the word submission, or go haywire on seeing a PhD holder make the conscious choice to kneel in gratitude to her own husband.

Need I repeat that 70% of world peace depends on this?
And you still want to ask me how I know?

Daalu nu.
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