Looking classy as a man doesn’t really require tremendous effort, there are dozens of quicker and easier ways to look better and even more stylish with minimum effort. Here are some simple tips you need to instantly step up your style

1. Matching belt with shoes
Matching Shoes with belts
This is a good rule to follow. As simple as it may sound, remember to match your belt with your shoes. its best to stay with traditional colors such as black, dark brown or a rich tan. Other colours may be difficult to match. If you want to wear a pair of sneakers, that probably means you are wearing jeans in this case it is suggested you try a belt made of fabric or a casual belt
Casual belt

2. Simplify your belt

Having a simple high-quality leather belt with brass buckles can go with both jeans and suit and just perfect for any occasion
Simple belt for both casual and formal outfits 

Matching shirt and tie

3. Matching ties and shirts
Try mixing up things a little and experiment with colours. Ties are great ways to express yourself, but keep it tasteful. You can’t go wrong with diagonal stripes, polka dots, plaid and subtle patterns. Just make sure your tie compliments your shirt, suit sweater or whatever you will be wearing it with. 
A white shirt can however flow with any colour of tie, a darker shade of your preferred colour is advised.

4. Wrist Watches
Men's Wrist Watch
In an age when phones have multiple functionalities and can help us track time, the new main purpose of a wrist watch is as an accessory. It’s a simple and a not so expensive way to keep up your style-game. You can invest in a good wrist watch that suits your style and taste. However if you are someone who likes to own multiple wrist watches, wear the appropriate time piece that flows with your outfit: Black band with black shoes and belt, Brown band with brown shoes and belt, and silver band for either.

5. Socks matter
Colourful socks

The only official rule on a pair of socks is that they should blend with the colour of your pants. It is preferably not to wear the exact shade of your pants when you choose your socks,a contrast colour of socks that is in harmony your pants is simple perfect but if you are wearing a black pant/trousers it is okay to go with any colour of socks.

Considering a matching shirt to your socks can just be the perfect icing flavor on the cake. 

Here is one final secret, a pair of coloured socks keeps the ladies excited.

6. Eyeglasses
Pair of glasses

Wearing them is one of the few ways you can really express yourself. They don’t have to serve a function, but can enhance your overall look. Do your best to find a pair of glasses that not only compliments the shape of your face, but also expresses your personality. 

If you want to be perceived as a serious minded business professional a transparent glass will send that message perfectly. If you want to be perceived as a fun-loving and trendy dude, a darker shade is suggested. 

You can however wear them an various occasions. A transparent glass is suggested for a business meeting while a darker shade will suit you when you are out on a picnic.

Keep to these and you will stand out at every point on any occasion. Have a great day.

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