How frequent should you wash your bath towels?

How often should you wash your bath towels? every week? Every couple of weeks?
Some persons either use one every day/every other day or they only switch once every couple of weeks.
Why You Should Wash BathTowels Frequently
It would seem that one wouldn’t need to change bath towels too often. Afterall you are drying off a clean body with a dry towel, right?
Well, that seems logical, but here’s the real deal: every time you use your towel to dry off, you’re scraping off dead skin cells. And those dead skin cells collect in the fibers of your towel. So if you use your towel for 10 straight days, you have 10 days’ worth of exfoliated cells on that towel. Think
about it. Also, your towel got wet when it dried off your body. Any time the fibers of something get wet, the opportunity to harbor bacteria and other germs is greatly heightened.

Wash BathTowels Every 3-5 Uses
It is best to wash bath towels every 3-5 times they are used. Note its not 3-5 days. That really is the maximum times a towel needs to be dampened (from drying you off), allowed to dry, and then be used again. And keep in mind, this rule applies if you hang up your towel after every single use. It needs time to dry between uses so germs and bacteria don’t breed and cause mold and mildew. Besides the fact that mold and mildew are hard to remove from towels , the thoughts of mildew being on a towel one uses is just awful.

Endeavor to wash you bath towels as often as you use them, it saves a lot of untold harm.
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