I decided to write about nutrition because eating healthy was the hardest thing for me to do for a very long time. I had people say all sorts of things to and about me when ever i buy something to eat or i am seen eating the type of food and snack that i enjoy. Most of the statements and comments never come out rightly. I almost had to sneak to eat certain things. So decided to began my journey
into healthy eating and living. That is why i am sharing this with you.

I will start by saying the way you eat is not really your fault. Most of us in West Africa started eating unhealthy food even as little children little wonder we grew up with this bad,unhealthy and heavy eating habits that are seemingly difficult to control.

As the saying goes ..."YOU CANNOT THINK BEYOND YOUR LEVEL OF EXPOSURE"...and there is another from the bible that says "MY PEOPLE SUFFER FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE"...

Healthy eating habits cannot be overemphasized infact it is not overrated. We think when people say 'diet' it's a boring exercise ....but it's is really fun and interesting.  All you really need to learn is how to make a balance diet look and taste good.

(I will be giving you tips about Balanced diets in my later posts *winks*)

Many times we wonder why some of our Grand Parents lived really long.  Infact if we are lucky in our time to see or hear about someone who lived up to a hundred years of age, we are excited about it and will celebrate it because it is rear. Still Talking about our grannys, you remember they never had meat-pie or noodles!!!.??

I know there are lots of factors that can make people die early, but i also know that one of the ways is eaten unhealthy meals.

Do you know why people put on weight?....The reason is contrary to what we think....The Excess fat actually forms thick layers to protects our body from the excess toxic substance we put in our body through junk food and high calorific food.

When you eat excessively and Unhealthy, you are pumping the body with more food than it actually needs. This act will ordinarily increase the toxic level in your body and will in turn affect your vital organs (The Heart ,Kidney, Lungs Liver e.t.c). So fat creates thick walls to protect us....Although if these toxic substances keeps piling up and increases beyond the level of protection offered by the fatty walls they give up and can no longer offer you protection....

and my Nigeria people will say "Na fat kill am" .But that is not was TOXINS.

Do you know why you also cannot just switch into eating right suddenly?  It is because your body and taste bud have become accustomed to eating a particular way....but if you are willing and determined your body will adjust to a new way. You learnt how to eat the way you currently do. You can Unlearn it *Smiles*.

I personally couldn't go a day without at list three bottles of fanta, but now that i know eating differently and healthy will make you live longer...I made the decision to switch to a better life style.

I am writing this as an appeal to you my friends ,especially those who have put on so much weight. You are the only one that can make the decision to change your eating habits.

Eating healthy is an act that needs to be learnt and its benefits are countless. Apart from living longer,you will look trimmer and smarter, you will also have a brighter skin colour with less spots and a clearer sight. I can go on and on.

Don't Live to Eat!!...I learnt this hard lesson after I weighed 120kg .lol.

Your creator put you in this world for an assignment ...You have a beautiful destiny,do not let food of all things take that away from you.

Make this Decision Today, YOU CAN DO IT!

I am going to be posting ways you can detoxify your body in subsequent post.

Do check this space for updates

Wishing you good health and a Long Life.

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